The Fox and the Star by Coralie Bickford-Smith


Coralie Bickford Smith is an award winning designer who has created numerous, beautiful book cover designs for Penguin Books. This year saw the publication of her own book, The Fox and the Star. The book showcases Bickford-Smith’s talents and has captured the attention of readers and booksellers alike, featuring on the Waterstones Book of the Year Shortlist for 2015.

Once there was a Fox who lived in a deep, dense forest.’

The story itself is that of a fox who lives in a forest and has only one friend – a star. The star lights the way for Fox as he makes his way through the forest, foraging for food and chasing rabbits through the thicket. However, a day arrives where there is only darkness and Fox cannot find his star leaving him scared and alone. It is a beautifully told fable about need and loss.

‘He stayed still, listening to the noises of the forest, watching the leaves settle on the ground’

In addition to the story I loved the illustrations. Every panel was a lovingly crafted, intricate piece of art which complemented the story well. I loved the use of dark and light which beautifully represented the literal absence of the star and its emotional impact on Fox. I also enjoyed looking at the hundreds of leaves, beetles and trees which brought the forest to life. It excited me to turn each page, wandering what treat would await me!

I thoroughly enjoyed The Fox and the Star. Visually stunning and wonderfully told it is a luxurious treat for book lovers both young and old. This is truly a story to treasure for generations.

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