The Witch’s Kiss by Katharine and Elizabeth Corr


Last month I received the Nerdy Bookworm Box ‘Book Boyfriends’ box. The book included was a Young Adult fantasy, The Witch’s Kiss, co-written by sisters Katharine and Elizabeth Corr.

‘Witches do not kneel. They do not grovel. They do not beg favours from any creature, mortal or immortal. At the most, they bargain.’

I was looking forward to reading this book as it is not often I read any books that have fairytale elements and in The Witch’s Kiss there is a fantasy novel with a dark fairytale at its core. All Meredith ‘Merry’ Cooper wants is to be a normal teenager but unfortunately she is far from being an average teen. Merry is a witch and on top of all the everyday things she has to deal with she has to try and manage the magical powers she has been born with. This becomes all the more crucial when Merry is called upon to deal with a sinister evil – an evil that only she can destroy. The early stages of the book alternate between then and now as we get to see what Merry is faced with, the long standing curse that she must try to break and the sinister ‘King of Hearts’ who is responsible for it…

‘He opened his fingers, to show me what he held. It was a heart, Meredith. A human heart. And it was still beating.’

As if the pressure of trying to break a centuries-old curse is not enough, Merry meets Jack and finds herself falling under his spell. However, Jack is linked to the curse that threatens Merry and so her relationship with him could prove damaging. This is where the fairytale elements come into it and it could be considered a retelling of Sleeping Beauty only in this version it is not a princess that can be saved by true loves kiss. I found this to be quite enjoyable and a great way of reimagining a classic fairytale in a contemporary way, with plenty of added darkness. I found this to be an easy book to get into and I was intrigued by the premise and I liked the way that the authors blended teen angst, romance, fantasy and fairytale into one story. There were also some great characters in here and I particularly liked Merry’s grandmother and her brother Leo with whom she shared a great sibling partnership.

‘She said there’s more than one kind of magic in this world. There’s wild magic and tamed magic. There’s magic of the elements: of root and stone, of river and wind. There’s the magic of light: of sun or moon or star, of fire and candle. And then there is the dark magic, that of the shadow realm.’

All in all I enjoyed this book and would be intrigued to find out what is next for Merry in the sequel, The Witch’s Tears. Katharine and Elizabeth Corr have written an exciting fantasy story, which features an ordinary girl placed in an extraordinary world.

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