If I Forget You by T.C. Greene


T.C. Greene was an author I had heard of but was yet to read before I picked up his latest novel, If I Forget You. This was something different for me as whilst I am not averse to romantic sub-plots in novels it is very rare I will pick up a book billed as being a romance novel, or a love story. With this in mind I was interested to start reading…

‘He sees a flash of recognition in her look, and now he definitely says her name out loud, though it is instantly drowned out in the roar of the city.’

If I Forget You tells the story of Henry and Margot, a couple who fell in love at college only to then spend half their lifetime apart. The book alternates between the start of their relationship in 1991, and what happens when the pair meet again in 2012. Henry and Margot come from very different social backgrounds – Margot is the daughter of a wealthy family whereas aspiring poet Henry is from more humble beginnings. Despite their differences the two share a connection that does not fade as the years pass by, although the two are forced to take different paths. An unfortunate incident proves to put an end to their fledgling romance, and Margot and Henry are separated, subsequently meeting new people and moving on…

‘…he knows what she means, that love like this is far closer to insanity than it is to reality, the world around them spinning uncontrollably, and their ability to be together is the only thing holding them on the planet.’

I liked the split between the past and present and seeing the change in emotions for the characters across the years, along with uncovering the events that tore them apart. It deals with some familiar issues from romance stories with the differing social classes and interfering parents proving to be barriers to their relationship. There was also a lot of emotion throughout and there is some beautiful writing that gives the story a poetic feel. It wasn’t a story that had me gripped but this is perhaps down to my usual reading choices and this not being a favoured genre of mine. That said there were some aspects I enjoyed particularly in the later chapters where I enjoyed the story more, and I thought it was well written, with some wonderful passages about love.

‘If poetry is the search for significance, than the stubbornness of love must be its fullest expression.’

If I Forget You is an enjoyable love story that I’m sure will appeal to readers who enjoy romance. It is a story that portrays the strength of emotions and a love that can last for decades, even when you’re far apart.

If I Forget You is to be published on 1st September 2016 by Corvus Books. Many thanks to Corvus Books for providing a copy for review.

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