Nerdy Bookworm Box Unboxing – October 2016


Today it is time for another Nerdy Bookworm Box unboxing!. Nerdy Bookworm is a monthly subscription box service for book lovers specialising in science fiction and fantasy YA titles. It costs £29.99 per box as a single purchase which includes free shipping in the UK and is also available as a subscription at £28.99 per box for three months or £27.99 per box for six months prepaid.

Each month’s box has a different theme and the theme for October 2016 was ‘Doppelgangers’ which was a theme I was intrigued about, here is what was inside!

bookwormoct1This month’s book was Replica by Lauren Oliver. Here is a little about the book:

‘The Haven Institute is a building tucked away on a private island off the coast of Florida that from a distance looks serene and even beautiful. But up close the locked doors, military guards, and biohazard suits tell a different story. In truth, Haven is a clandestine research facility where thousands of replicas, or human models, are born, raised, and observed. When a surprise attack is launched on Haven, two of its young experimental subjects – Lyra, aka number 24, and the boy known only as 72 – manage to escape.

Encountering a world they never knew existed outside their secluded upbringing they meet Gemma and as they try to understand Haven’s purpose together, they uncover some earth-shattering secrets that will change the lives of both girls forever…’

I was so excited to see this book featured in the box as it is one that I have had my eye on for a while having seen a lot about it on social media. I was really intrigued about the premise and love that the story is told from the perspectives of both Lyra and Gemma and that you can decide in which order you want to read it. I also adore the bold, beautiful covers!

bookwormoct3Along with a book each month each box contains a selection of book themed gifts. This month these included a ‘Polyjuice Potion’ candle by William & Joseph. This was created exclusively for Nerdy Bookworm Box and it has a unique, sweet scent. As a huge fan of Harry Potter I welcome any references to this series so I really liked this candle which fits in well with the theme. There was also a packet of ‘Enchanted Narnia’ tea from Bluebird Tea Co. Inspired by the journey of the Pevensie children in the Narnia series this is a blend of Turkish delight, rose and cocoa. I don’t usually drink flavoured teas but may make an exception in this case!

bookwormoct2Next up we have a pair of socks from Out of Print Clothing featuring a design inspired by The Count of Monte Cristo. I must confess I am not familiar with this story but a pair of cosy socks is always welcome and these are of a good quality. There was also a lovely little Tardis brooch from the Doctor Who Series designed by Goodnight Boutique. I have quite a collection of badges so this will fit in nicely.




bookwormoct4The final item was a ‘Roll & Read’ card created by Nerdy Bookworm Box. This is a fun way to decide what to read next by rolling the dice and choosing a book that matches the description on the corresponding number. This may come in handy as I have a towering TBR! Also in the box was the regular ‘Owl Hoots’ mini-magazine packed with features including an exclusive story written by Jen, the founder of the box. It also included a bookmark featuring this month’s artwork and a matching Quest card to access exclusive online content. Overall, I was pleased with this box, and I particularly loved the book and the brooch.

I will be getting this box next month and the theme for the November box is ‘Magical Beasts’ which I am very excited about!

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Find out more on the Nerdy Bookworm Box website.


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