Flashfall by Jenny Moyer + Giveaway


I was intrigued by the premise of Flashfall, the debut novel by Jenny Moyer which was the book chosen for Fairy Loot’s December Sci-Fi Adventure box. I t wasn’t a book I had seen or heard about previously so I was interested to find out more.

‘Caves make good hiding places. But this close to the flashfall, they also make the most likely places to die.’

The story is narrated by Orion, a sixteen-year old girl who is a Subpar, who is expected to mine the tunnels of Outpost Five. Her role is to mine for cirium, an element which Orion’s people have used for generations to protect themselves from the radioactive activity of the deadly flash curtain. And whilst this in itself is dangerous enough, Orion and her people are forced to face unimaginable dangers in the search for cirium. Alongside her caving partner, Dram, Orion finds herself in a constant fight against the elements and the deadly creatures that lurk within the tunnels. All this is done in the hope that they will one day mine enough cirium to earn their freedom, to find their way to the protected City of Alara. However, as Orion and Dram continue in their quest, changes in circumstances lead them to question everything they have ever know, and it becomes clear that there is even more to be feared than the flash bats and tunnel gulls they run from…

‘It will show that we are more than what the Congress tells us we are.’

I must admit it took me a little while to get into this book and I wasn’t sure if it was quite the book for me, but once I discovered more about this strange new world I became fully immersed in the story. Jenny Moyer has done a great job of creating this unusual world and the harsh landscape in which danger is commonplace. I was fascinated by the plight of the characters and this world they had to live in, the situations they would have to face each day in the hope of survival, and in hope of freedom. I was also fascinated by the characters, particularly Orion who appears remarkably courageous. It is easy to forget that she is a teenage girl when she has so much responsibility placed on her shoulders. Despite her young age she has been through so much, but demonstrates determination and resilience when it comes to seeking freedom for those she loves the most. I also liked her bond with Dram, who also in his teens is her caving partner. It is clear that their relationship is a special one, having worked in close proximity and trusting one and other with their lives, so it was interesting to see this develop. There was plenty of intrigue throughout as Orion and those around her begin to question their world and things turn out to not quite be as they seem, and it made for a gripping read as the story built up to its conclusion. I was eager to find out what was to become of the characters, and whether they had what it takes to survive the flashfall.

‘The first time I descended three, I had to hold Grahams hand because the dark was like a living, seething creature.’

Flashfall is an exciting debut in which Jenny Moyer has created a fascinating, strange new world to discover. It is a story of love and bravery, and how we may forge our own path in the face of adversity.

The Giveaway

Flashfall was the chosen book in a couple of my subscription boxes so as a result I have a duplicate copy to giveaway! This is a US hardback edition which comes complete with a signed bookplate.

To win a copy of Flashfall, all you need to do is to follow me on Twitter (@NatMarshall88) and retweet my pinned tweet.

The giveaway is for UK only and will be open until 1pm on Friday 10th February so there is plenty of time to enter. A winner will be chosen at random and notified after this point. Good luck!

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