March Round-Up – The Books I Read In March 2017


I had another productive month in March where I managed to read and review ten books! Here is what I said about them…

The House Of Birds by Morgan McCarthy (Tinder Press) – My first read of March, The House Of Birds, was an enjoyable read that sees past memories interwoven with the present. It is a story if a past life, and how long held secrets can change the lives of others forever.

The Witchfinder’s Sister by Beth Underdown (Penguin Viking) – I was pleased to have the opportunity to take part in the blog tour for The Witchfinder’s Sister, a compelling story rich in historical detail. It provides fascinating insight into a disturbing chapter in our history. It is a novel which examines just how far one may go when they develop an obsession, one borne out of the superstition and folklore which became integral to daily life in the seventeenth century.

The Last Act Of Hattie Hoffman by Mindy Mejia (Quercus) – I was delighted to take part in the blog tour for The Last Act Of Hattie Hoffman, an expertly written thriller that kept me gripped throughout. It is a story which explores themes of love and obsession, of manipulation. And it reveals how those we think we know can hold on to many secrets, concealing a truth that has the strength to tear a community apart.

A Dangerous Crossing by Rachel Rhys (Doubleday)A Dangerous Crossing is a gripping story of love, loss and secrets in a Europe on the brink of war. Rachel Rhys has created a fascinating cast of characters whose individual stories kept me hooked, eager to find out more about them and the events building up to a drama that makes one woman’s journey an unforgettable one.

American Housewife by Helen Ellis (Scribner)American Housewife is a collection of short stories which I found to be an enjoyable read that brings together snippets of the lives of some extraordinary women and all the secrets, hopes and desires that they carry with them.

So Many Ways To Begin by Jon McGregor (4th Estate) – So Many Ways To Begin is a wonderfully written story about what makes us who we are. It is a moving, intimate novel which provides insight into the lives of ordinary people, told through the significance of ordinary things.

Empress Of A Thousand Skies by Rhoda Belleza (Razorbill) – Empress Of A Thousand Skies is an intriguing sci-fi fantasy debut which deals with some interesting themes in an extraordinary setting. I believe this is the first in a series so would be interested to see what is next for these characters, and for the legacy of their planet.

A Thousand Cuts by Thomas Mogford (Bloomsbury) – I really enjoyed A Thousand Cuts and found it to be an engaging, intriguing read. I found it to be a well written and structured story filled with mystery and memories that tell the story behind the wounds that can never heal.

The Last Of Us by Rob Ewing (Borough Press) – The Last Of Us was an enjoyable read about survival within a harsh and isolated landscape. It follows a path to survival paved with danger at every turn, but it is also a story of hope, and the determination to survive against the odds.

Dark Side Of The Moon by Les Wood (Freight Books) – I enjoyed reading Dark Side Of The Moon, a novel in which Les Wood has crafted the story of an elaborate heist which portrays the dark underbelly of the city, and the fascinating cast of misfits that lurk there.

To find out more about any of these books you can read full reviews of my March reads by clicking the links in the titles above and they can also be found in my March 2017/Book Reviews archives. Also this month, I unboxed the February Ninja Book Box (Shakespearean Mystery) as well as the March Fairy Loot (Myths and Monsters) along with taking part in the blog tour for Stronger Than Skin by Stephen May and previewing the forthcoming titles from Dodo Ink. And finally, I was thrilled to be nominated for the Liebster Award and the Horror Movie Book Tag!

As always, I would like to thank everyone who has read and shared my blog posts this month. I really appreciate the support and hope that you enjoy the blog!

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