Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor – The Book Launch

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On the 31st March I was excited to have the opportunity to attend the book launch for Reservoir 13, the forthcoming novel from Jon McGregor. Reservoir 13 is Jon’s fourth novel which is due to be published on the 6th April by 4th Estate so I was happy to be able to pick up a copy of the book ahead of its official publication date.

I had been looking forward to this event for a while as it is not that often that you get a book launch party in Nottingham, so it was really nice to have the chance to attend one in my home city. The event was open to the public and by the time Jon began to read the cafe bar of the Nottingham Contemporary was packed with book lovers. As is typical for me, I turned up at the venue about an hour before anyone else (as the staff at Waterstones may be used to) but was lucky to be able to tag along with a group of lovely people to chat about books! My early arrival meant I was able to secure a nice spot for the evening and scope out all the important things in life (books, wine). And as the room began to fill and the drinks began to flow everyone got ready to hear Jon’s reading.

Jon began to read an extract from the early stages of Reservoir 13 in which we learn of the disappearance of a missing girl which forms the base from which the events of the novel revolve. What made this reading all the more special was its musical accompaniment, as it featured music from Richard Birkin and Haiku Salut. I have not listened to a reading with music before so I found this particularly enjoyable and captivating with Haiku Salut’s music creating an intriguing atmosphere and backdrop for Jon’s words. It was so captivating in fact that I neglected to take a suitable photograph for this post so you will have to admire the shiny cover instead. This was a brilliant reading which left the large crowd listening intently.

After the reading, it was time to pick up a copy of the book courtesy of local independent book store Five Leaves, and to join the signing queue (where as usual I try to think of something interesting to say to the author, before shyly declaring my name and scurrying off) and then, glass of wine in hand it was time for music courtesy of jazz band Django’s Tigers who were great and created a nice, fun atmosphere along with a couple who were first to the dance floor who set the bar very high! I am not much of a dancer unless it’s in the comfort of my own home (with the curtains drawn of course, and the lights dimmed) so I was happy to simply observe and take in the atmosphere as the celebrations continued.

The Reservoir 13 launch was an enjoyable evening which piqued my interest for the book further and I am very much looking forward to reading it very soon. Many thanks to Jon McGregor and all involved for putting together a fantastic event.

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