April Round-Up – The Books I Read In April 2017


I had a pretty busy month in April both in terms of reading and blogging as well as celebrating my birthday and going to Belfast to support the Great Britain Ice Hockey Team in their successful quest for a gold medal! But amongst all that excitement I read and reviewed seven books within April. Here is what I said about them…

Six Stories by Matt Wesoloski (Orenda Books) – My first review for April was as part of a blog tour for a book I was very excited about. A crime novel told through the form of six podcasts providing six alternate views of events; I thoroughly enjoyed Six Stories and found it to be a gripping and intriguing mystery told in an inventive way. A haunting and unsettling debut from an exciting new voice.

The Wanderers by Meg Howrey (Scribner) – Following the stories of three astronauts and how they prepare for a mission to Mars in which their loved ones will be left behind, The Wanderers is an enjoyable read about love, life and exploration in which we get a glimpse of three families and the remarkable journey they embark upon, both physically and emotionally.

Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor (4th Estate) – One of my favourite reads of 2017 so far is Reservoir 13, an expertly written tale of a village living in the aftermath of a tragedy. It successfully evokes the image of a rural community and the people who shape it. It shows the many ways in which humans adapt and change over the years, the resilience, and how certain events can linger long in the memory, and change the way we view the world in which we live. I also blogged about the launch party for Reservoir 13 which I was fortunate enough to attend.

Letters To Eloise by Emily Williams (Lutino Publications) – Told using an epistolary format, Letters To Eloise tells the story of a young woman named Flora and the letters she writes to her unborn child as she looks forward to the future and the challenges that it holds. It is a lovely little book which explores one young woman’s journey into motherhood, and the importance of the past in shaping the future, a beautifully woven tale of love and hope.

The Vinyl Detective: The Run-Out Groove by Andrew Cartmel (Titan Books) – The second book in the Vinyl Detective series, this latest novel from Andrew Cartmel follows our unnamed detective as he becomes involved in a search for a missing child. With its engaging plot and fascinating cast of characters I found The Run-Out Groove to be an entertaining story of music and mystery which was fun to read.

Strange The Dreamer by Laini Taylor (Hodder And Stoughton) – Strange The Dreamer is an enthralling fantasy story and an exciting start to a new series. In it we meet Lazlo Strange, a junior librarian who dreams of a mythical lost city that is ever present in his dreams. And a moment arises in which he may finally get a chance to discover it, along with all the strange gods and monsters and moths that lie within.

The Other Mrs Walker by Mary Paulson-Ellis (Picador) – This novel follows Margaret Penney, a woman who returns to Edinburgh and finds work in a department which helps track down the loved ones of those who have died alone. But when Margaret begins to investigate one elderly ladies death, she finds that her own life and history has become entangled with it. I really enjoyed reading The Other Mrs Walker and found it to be a gripping and fascinating story about family secrets and relationships and how the past and present can be intertwined. It is a story which shows how curiosity and a journey into the past can not only uncover the secrets of another life, but also uncover something about ourselves.

To find out more about any of these books you can read full reviews of my April reads by clicking the links in the titles above and they can also be found in my April 2017/Book Reviews archives. Also this month, I shared my review of gripping and disturbing historical debut See What I Have Done by Sarah Schmidt which I read a couple of month ago. And finally, I unboxed the April Fairy Loot subscription box (Dreams And Wishes)

As always, I would like to thank everyone who has read and shared my blog posts this month. I really appreciate the support and hope that you enjoy the blog!

One thought on “April Round-Up – The Books I Read In April 2017

  1. You’ve read some fab-sounding books in April 🙂 I bought Reservoir 13 and am so looking forward to reading it – I’m saving it for when I have time to just sit and read for a while in one go. I also like the sound of The Wanderers so might get that one. Hope May is another good reading month for you 🙂

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