Ninja Book Box Unboxing – August 2017


This week I received my fourth Ninja Book Box. I received the very first ‘Slightly Surreal’ box back in November following the Kickstarter campaign and in February and May I unboxed the ‘Shakespearean Mystery’ and ‘Magical Lands’ boxes. Ninja Book Box is a quarterly subscription service with the emphasis being on promoting books from independent publishers of all genres, and including associated gifts from local suppliers. I pre-paid to be an ‘Annual Ninja’ so will be receiving all four of the main boxes for 2017 including August’s box, the theme of which was ‘Going Home’

ninjabookboxaug1This quarter’s book was A Map Of Tulsa by Benjamin Lytal published by And Other Stories. Here is a little about the book from the blurb:

‘The first days of summer. Jim Praley is home from college, ready to unlock Tulsa’s secrets. He drives the highways in his parents’ car. Finally he makes himself stop and walk into a bar. He’s invited to a party. And there he meets Adrienne Booker, a girl who rules Tulsa, in her way. A high-school dropout and promising artist with a penthouse apartment, she takes a special interest in Jim. Through her eyes, he will rediscover his hometown: its wasted sprawl, the beauty of its late nights and, at the city’s centre, the unsleeping light of its skyscrapers.

Five years later, Jim comes home again, to face the truth about that summer.’

I was not familiar with this book or its publisher but it sounds interesting and I am intrigued to find out about what happened that summer! I was also pleased to see that there was a signed bookplate from the author this month! Also included was a map to go with the book and a leaflet featuring a review from Ninja Book Box along with recommendations for further reading.

ninjabookboxaug2Each month’s box features gifts relevant to the book and theme which are individually wrapped. This month we had a ‘Writing Art’ map designed by Writing Maps. This was an item I haven’t come across before that features various writing exercises that can be used whilst in art galleries or museums. I like the idea of using art as a prompt for creative writing so I may use this on my travels! It also includes a postcard which features the quote ‘Sometimes I go offline and write a story’ We also received a little card from A Spoonful of Sugar & Co which has the quote ‘Do More Of What Makes You Happy’ which is sound advice!

ninjabookboxaug3My favourite item this month was this gorgeous pouch created exclusively for this box by Curious Miss Clay. This features a cute house print which ties in well with the theme and I was pleased with the quality. This would make a handy make-up bag or even a pencil case. Pictured with it here are a couple of regular Ninja Book Box items – the Ninja recipe card which this month is Potato Tots in honour of the chosen book’s setting of Tulsa. Then there is the charm which is supplied in a cute little drawstring bag, this quarters charm is a little moped!

I really liked the August Ninja Book Box as the book looks interesting and I am a big fan of the pouch. In terms of value for money there are fewer items in comparison to other subscription box services I have tried but I think that the Ninja Book Box offers something a little different in terms of its focus on smaller suppliers and indie publishers. As always with Ninja Book Box I really like the fact that the box has a personal touch and that a lot of love and attention has been put into it and how everything fits well within the theme. There has been some improvements this month with a new look box and some changes to the regular paperwork which has improved the overall look of the box. The next box is due in November and is the anniversary box so I am looking forward to finding out what is inside!

If you would like to find out more about the Ninja Book Box, you can check out their website here. I have a referral code for Ninja Book Box, you can use the code NATALIE15 to save 15% on purchases over £5 in their online shop (excluding recurring subscriptions) Please note that whilst I have a referral code I have purchased this box myself so all comments about the box are my own honest views.

4 thoughts on “Ninja Book Box Unboxing – August 2017

  1. Thanks for sharing. What other boxes do you subscribe to? I read your Fairy Loot unboxing. I don’t know if I’d read many YA books I do enjoy them but the ones I don’t enjoy put me off I had the ‘Magical Lands’ Ninja box and was very impressed. Still deciding on a subscription or just buy one off boxes. I have to get the November box. Love your blog!

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    1. Thank you! At the moment I am just subscribed to Ninja Book Box and Fairy Loot. I’ve had Illumicrate before who are a quarterly YA option and they are not too bad. Am tempted to try book and a brew which includes just a book and a pack of tea which is monthly and an affordable price 😊


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