A Court Of Wings And Ruin by Sarah J Maas


This month I completed the A Court Of Thorns And Roses trilogy, having previously read and reviewed A Court Of Thorns And Roses back in June and the second book, A Court Of Mist And Fury in July. I had enjoyed both these books, ACOMAF in particular, so I was looking forward to reading book three…

As this is the third book in a series I will keep this review fairly brief and vague so not to spoil anything! With the key events of ACOMAF taking in place in the Night Court, in A Court Of Wings And Ruin we see Feyre Archeron return to the Spring Court in which she begins her deadly game of deceit. We see that our heroine must do what is necessary to protect not only the ones she holds dear but also the whole of Prythian as it faces the threat of invasion and destruction. Over the course of this novel we witness Feyre as she tries to uncover plans and work out who can and cannot be trusted as the threat of war looms. Through this we also get to see how her character has developed over the course of the series, and how she learns to overcome her past and to triumph in the face of adversity. I read on in interest to see how events would conclude, and what was in store for the characters I have met along the way.

At around seven hundred pages, the longest of the trilogy, this is quite a daunting read. And I must admit it took me a little longer to get through than the previous books. This is in part due to the pacing, as there is a lot to take in as the story starts to weave together and the bigger picture becomes clear. Also, in terms of relationship development, relationships had been established previously so there was not the same feeling of anticipation over certain characters and how their relationships may change. That said there was plenty to take from this third instalment and it kept my interest with plenty of action along the way as we follow these much loved, fascinating characters on their extraordinary journey. And as these characters fought for one and other, and battle to protect their people, Maas also provides further details about these characters and the events that have shaped their lives and relationships. This helped to tie up loose ends, and to bring the series to an appropriate conclusion.

Whilst I didn’t find ACOWAR as gripping as the previous book in the series I still found this to be an enjoyable read set in a captivating fantasy world. I was pleased to see that Sarah J Maas will be publishing a novella set in this world next year so am looking forward to finding out more!

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