The Changeling’s Journey by Christine Spoors


My latest read was a book I spotted on Instagram. I was first drawn to its beautiful cover and then was interested to find out it was a fantasy story inspired by Scottish folklore, written and self published by Scottish writer Christine Spoors, who wrote this story whilst at University. And whilst I don’t often read self published books, I liked the sound of this one so decided to give it a go!

This story is about Morven, and it begins with her village grieving over the death of a changeling named Ailsa. Her death leaves Morven the only remaining changeling, and the expectation is that she too will die at a young age. However, Morven has outlived all of the changelings, many of whom died in childhood. Morven is determined to find out more about these fairies who take human babies, and to find out how she can save her own life. So she embarks on a journey, with friend Glen by her side, to find the truth and to discover more about the magical world outside her village. But it is not just Morven’s story we are introduced to here, we also meet Princess Freya of Culhuinn and Queen Euna of Norbroch. The chapters alternate between the perspectives of Morven, Freya and Euna, as the reader discovers about life in the fairy kingdoms.

I like books told from multiple points of view so I enjoyed the alternating perspectives used here in which we find out more about the characters and the past memories that shape them. We see how Princess Freya struggles to come to terms with life without her loved one by her side. Then there is Queen Euna who is haunted by past memories. And of course there is Morven and her journey of discovery. As this is a self published book I did notice there were a few spelling errors in this book, however, this did not detract from my enjoyment of the story. What I liked most about it was how the traditional Scottish folklore was woven throughout the book, in which we learn about changelings, fairies, will-o-the-wisps and more. The enchanting kingdoms were well described and Spoor’s writing and knowledge gives her characters an authentic voice. It is a book that has the feeling of being a fairytale passed on through the generations, and the reader is given the chance to join these characters on their action packed journey through forests and mountains and lochs.

The Changelings Journey is an enjoyable fantasy debut. It is a story of love and friendship, of folklore and magic, and ultimately a girl’s journey to discover who she is, and how to save herself.

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