The Book Matchmaker Unboxing – Autumn


If you are a regular reader of my blog, or follow me on social media, you may already be aware of my love of bookish subscription boxes and book related gifts! This week I received an Autumn gift box from The Book Matchmaker which I was very excited about. Earlier this year, when they were known as the Blind Date Book Company, I was lucky enough to receive a beautifully wrapped proof of Tin Man by Sarah Winman so I was keen to try out one of their gift boxes. Without further ado, here is what was inside my Autumn gift box.

bookmatch2When I opened this box, I was delighted with what I saw! Everything was beautifully packaged and it was even filled with brown paper, decorative leaves and pine cones to fit its Autumnal theme. And nestled within was the surprise book and its accompaniments with everything you need for a cosy night in included!


bookmatch3When purchasing a gift box, there are a few options you can choose to make your perfect book box! The first item is this beautiful mug! I chose the rabbit mug as I love animals and thought the design and colour was beautiful. But if preferred there are other options available which you can specify on your order. There are also options to choose your preferred hot drink with a choice of tea, coffee or hot chocolate. I opted for the tea and received a Teapigs everyday brew – and what better way to enjoy a cup of tea then with biscuits! I am looking forward to trying these Shrewsbury biscuits from a local bakery which look delicious! But if you are more of a chocoholic then you can also pick a chocolate bar.

bookmatch4I liked that this box is assembled with love and care and that it uses items from local suppliers. As well as the biscuits, this bookmark is produced by a local company, Washed Up Wood. I am really pleased with this bookmark which is not like any I have received before! Supplied in a cute little drawstring bag, this flattened spoon bookmark is stamped with ‘Just one more chapter’ – something many a bookworm can relate to! This is one of two designs you could receive, the other being ‘Fell asleep here’. There is a quality feel to this bookmark and I also loved the moon and stars design stamped on it – so pretty!

bookmatch5So with a hot drink and snack to hand, and a new bookmark at the ready, we just need a book! There are several different options of genres for you to choose from so you can pick your favourite or something you’ve not tried before. As some of my favourite books are historical fiction this is the option I chose. Alternatively, you can opt for a complete surprise. The book was so beautifully presented I almost didn’t want to unwrap it! On the front of the paper there are four words stamped which describe the book – mine were loyalties, sisters, power and rival – which sounds interesting! The book inside was Three Sisters, Three Queens by Philippa Gregory. I am familiar with Philippa Gregory but haven’t read any of her books and I wasn’t familiar with this particular one! I also haven’t read any books set in the Tudor era so will be giving this one a go!

bookmatch6I really enjoyed receiving this Autumn gift box and I don’t think this will be the last time I order from The Book Matchmaker! I loved all of the items and the concept as well as the attention to detail that went into putting this box together. This would make a fabulous gift for a fellow bookworm with the option to change the contents to suit all tastes. This box was £29.99 but there are also book options available to pick a book based on its genre or on its four words. These range in price and include your choice of hot drink! To find out more about The Book Matchmaker, you can check out their website here!

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