Wonder Woman: Warbringer by Leigh Bardugo


My latest read was one I first saw a few months ago which I was really interested in reading. I hadn’t read anything by Leigh Bardugo before but was intrigued at the prospect of a novel inspired by iconic comic book characters. Warbringer is the first of four books in the DC icons series, in which four bestselling YA authors explore the extraordinary lives of much loved superheroes.

The events in this story begin on an island where Diana Prince lives with her Amazonian sisters. When a girl aboard a nearby ship is in danger, Diana bravely steps in to save her, against the laws of the Amazon. However, what Diana doesn’t realise is that her actions could prove dangerous – the girl she saves is Alia Keralis, and she is a Warbringer. As her title suggests, Alia could prove deadly. As a descendent of the infamous Helen of Troy, Alia is fated to bring war and death with her wherever she goes. As a result, Diana must leave her island home behind, to protect her sisters and to save humankind. With Alia by her side, they embark on an epic journey to rewrite Alia’s destiny, and in doing so save the world…

The journey for the characters is certainly action packed as they travel from place to place and find themselves faced with mortal enemies and troublesome situations along the way. But whilst there were plenty of action scenes this was a book that explored the relationships that develop between Diana and Alia and other friends, Theo and Nim. It was refreshing to read a book where there was an emphasis on strong friendship bonds with female relationships in particular being well presented and with a diverse range of characters. And alongside the serious events that unfold there is a light-hearted tone throughout with the humour between the characters that is portrayed. I was particularly intrigued by Diana’s history and liked the earlier sections  of the book set on the island where we meet her sisters so would have liked to find out more about them! In terms of pacing there were parts I felt were a little slow and it took me longer to read than I expected but this may be down to it being a bit different from what I would normally read. The plot did keep my interest as I was keen to find out how things would develop, and I was satisfied with its conclusion.

On the whole, whilst I didn’t love it I thought that Wonder Woman: Warbringer was an enjoyable read in which an iconic story is retold. It is a story of war and friendship, of bravery and power which has left me curious about the rest of the series!

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