Skeletons by Jane Fallon


This week I finally got round to reading Skeletons by Jane Fallon! As with The Knot which I reviewed earlier in the month, this is another book that I have had for a few years which I recently uncovered when I finally moved house and was reunited with my book collection! I have heard a lot about Jane Fallon’s books and in this, her fifth novel, there is the promise of hidden secrets so I was intrigued to find out more…

In Skeletons we see the impact of what happens when a long buried secret threatens to emerge to the surface. And it is Jen Masterson who discovers this secret, one which has the potential to drive her family apart. In the opening pages of this novel the reader gets to find out about Jen and her family. Jen is married to Jason and a mother to two daughters. She has also grown close to Jason’s family over the years, a family who appear to have it all, and have a perfect relationship with one and other. This is in contrast to Jen’s own upbringing and her difficult relationship with her parents. So when Jen sees something which cannot be unseen, she is left torn over what to do – whether to tell the truth, or to pretend nothing has gone wrong. This raises questions over how long she can carry on living a lie, and whether or not she will break her silence – and her husband’s family in the process.

It didn’t take me long to get into this story. I always enjoy novels based around family bonds and secrets so the premise of this interested me and kept me hooked. I enjoyed finding out more about Jen and building up a picture of her life and her family, and how she has found her place. And then there was the uneasy feeling throughout as Jen agonises over the secret she is burdened with, and I was left wondering what the consequences would be should the truth finally come out. I sympathised with her as the strain of keeping what she saw under wraps becomes more and more overwhelming. And as her social life revolves around her husband’s family, she is left with no-one else to confide in which makes her situation all the more difficult. I enjoyed Fallon’s writing, and found that there were aspects of the plot and characters that I could relate to. The writing was also filled with sharp observations on love and family life, and there was plenty of humour along the way which made for an entertaining read.

I really enjoyed Skeletons, and found it to be an intriguing story exploring family life and secrets which kept my interest until the end. I would be interested in reading more of Jane Fallon’s novels!

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