Strange Sight by Syd Moore


This month I received the first crime and mystery box from My Chronicle Book Box which included three different books. I have previously read and reviewed Death in the Stars by Frances Brody and Did You See Melody? by Sophie Hannah and the last book in the box was Strange Sight by Syd Moore. Strange Sight is the second book in the Essex Witch Museum series which really intrigued me!

Rosie Strange is part of an investigative team at the Essex Witch museum which she inherited from her grandfather who wished to preserve the history of witchcraft. With the curiosities in the museum Rosie is no stranger to the unusual, and alongside museum curator Sam she is called upon to investigate some sinister goings on at a local restaurant. From the opening pages we learn of the strange events that unfolded at the La Fleur restaurant in which the owner’s daughter stumbles upon the chef who has met a grisly end. But there seems to be more to this death than meets the eye, and there is talk of unexplained sights, mysterious strangers and ghostly apparitions. And as Sam and Rosie delve deeper into this mystery, I was left eager to find out what was really happening at the restaurant, and who or what is to blame for the chilling events.

From the prologue I was intrigued by this haunting story which promised not only a chilling murder mystery but also a spooky ghost story. And it is down to Rosie and Sam to work out who is behind the murder, and whether it is connected to the ghostly sightings that first drew them to the restaurant. The story moves at a steady pace with a gradual build up of information to piece together about those individuals linked to the case in addition to the history and folklore significant to the area. I was interested to read from the authors note that some of the characters and events referred to in this novel were real! I found it to be an entertaining read as it combined multiple genres whilst also having an interesting cast of characters. It is narrated by Rosie and along the way she shares some amusing social observations as well as her feelings towards Sam and there is chemistry between the two of them throughout. As this is the second book in the series I am not sure if any prior information is missed from this story but I enjoyed it as a standalone.

Strange Sight is something a little different from what I would usually read but it is a story I enjoyed. It is a mystery novel that blends elements of a traditional crime thriller and ghost stories along with references to local history and tales of witchcraft which make for an entertaining read.

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