My Top 5 Books of 2017


As the end of the year approaches it is the time of year that readers and bloggers look back at those books that we loved the most this year. And in 2017 I managed to read 100 books covering a range of genres, and it was difficult to pick my favourites from this selection. Last year I did a top 10, but this year I have chosen to focus on my top 5, as these are the books I loved the most, books which I was left thinking about long after turning the final page, the books which I have suggested when asked for recommendations in recent months.

Without further ado (in publication date order) here are my top 5 reads of 2017:

reservoir13Reservoir 13 by Jon McGregor

Publisher: 4th Estate

Publication Date: 6th April 2017

My thoughts: Reservoir 13 is an expertly written tale of a village living in the aftermath of a tragedy. It successfully evokes the image of a rural community and the people who shape it. It shows the many ways in which humans adapt and change over the years, the resilience, and how certain events can linger long in the memory, and change the way we view the world in which we live.

howtostoptimeHow To Stop Time by Matt Haig

Publisher: Canongate

Publication Date: 6th July 2017

My thoughts: One of my most anticipated read this year was the latest novel from Matt Haig in which we are introduced to a forty-something history teacher who has been alive for centuries. How To Stop Time is a wonderful book which did not disappoint. It is a fascinating story of a remarkable life, in which we see one man’s journey through the past, and how he learns to accept his future

TOM MAN.inddTin Man by Sarah Winman

Publisher: Tinder Press

Publication Date: 27th July 2017

My thoughts: Tin Man is a beautiful little book full of heart that tells a story of human love and companionship. It shows love at its most wonderful, and love at its most challenging. It shows friendship that can stand the test of time, and the bonds that can tie us together through the years, even when we are apart. I enjoyed this book very much, and felt privileged to spend a few hours in the company of these fascinating characters.

elmetElmet by Fiona Mozley

Publisher: John Murray

Publication Date: 27th July 2017

My thoughts: Elmet is an impressive debut which kept me gripped throughout. It is an unsettling read which provides insights into issues in society such as class and social standing, poverty and family life and how far a person would go to protect what they value most.

myabsolutedarlingMy Absolute Darling by Gabriel Tallent

Publisher: 4th Estate

Publication Date: 21st August 2017

My thoughts: I was gripped by Gabriel Tallent’s debut novel, My Absolute Darling, which is a harrowing and compelling story of a teenage girl and her difficult relationship with her father. It is at times a difficult read but one that I struggled to put down, and one I won’t be forgetting in a hurry.

Have you read any of these books? Let me know about your favourite books of the year!

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