February Round-Up – The Books I Read In February 2018

feb18This month I managed to read and review six books, the same number that I read in January and I have read some great books this month. Here is a reminder of what I blogged about this month with links to each in case you missed any!

The first book I read this month was the book included in January’s Fairy Loot subscription box. This was The Cruel Prince by Holly Black which was an enjoyable YA fantasy story. In this novel we meet a young woman whose life was torn apart when she witnessed the murder of her parents, shortly before being taken to the faerie world. This new world is one in which her mortality leaves her subject to torment, and struggling to find her place. This began a journey to survive life in a dangerous world, and work out who can be trusted, and whether there is more to the cruel Prince Cardan than meets the eye. This was a darker fantasy story with some interesting, flawed characters. I also unboxed the February ‘Twisted Tales’ box from Fairy Loot this month, and am looking forward to reading the featured book. I also received the quarterly crime and mystery box from My Chronicle Book Box this month which was another brilliant box!

Next up I read the latest novel from Sarah Painter, Beneath The Water, in which we meet a woman who is in search of a fresh start. In the aftermath of a broken engagement, Stella Jackson moves to a rural Scottish town, finding employment with a man named Jamie Munro who lives in the grand Munro House. But as Stella settles into her new life, she begins to realise there is something sinister about the house, as it is said to be cursed by memories of a tragic death. This results in Stella working to discover the connection between the past and the present, whilst working out who her employer really is. This was a gripping and intriguing story that I really enjoyed. Another interesting read this month was Asymmetry, the debut novel by Lisa Halliday. Told in three parts, we first see the relationship between a literary editor and a significantly older writer as it progresses. We then see what happens when a man is detained by immigration en route to Kurdistan. And then at the end of it all we see how these two seemingly different stories are connected. This was a book that intrigued me, and left me with plenty to ponder over with its exploration of life’s imbalances.

This month I also read a book I had been meaning to read for a while. I finally got round to reading Eleanor Oliphant Is Completely Fine by Gail Honeyman and I loved it. The title character of Eleanor was one I was drawn to straight away as I stepped into her relatively mundane existence which follows the same routine. However as her story progresses we find out much more about her, and the events in her life that have left her troubled, and helped contribute towards her current state of mind. This was at times harrowing, and others humorous, as we meet a character learning to fit in, and come to terms with her past. I then went on to read the latest novel by Matt Wesolowski. Hydra is a follow up of sorts to Six Stories which I read and enjoyed last year. And in Hydra we learn about a notorious crime, and through investigative journalist Scott King we try to get to the truth about why a young woman committed such an act. As with Six Stories I enjoyed the use of the podcasts and the structure of the narrative, and there was also plenty to think about along the way as we meet different characters and uncover more details surrounding the life of the murderer. An enjoyable addition to the series which had me gripped.

The final book I read in February was one of my most anticipated reads of the year. I was excited to finally read The Seven Deaths Of Evelyn Hardcastle by Stuart Turton. This starts out as a classic Agatha Christie style crime mystery, but it turns out to be something much more complex. Evelyn Hardcastle is killed at a party held to celebrate her return, and until party guest Aiden Bishop can work out who is responsible, he will have to live this day over and over again. And to make this even more mind bending, he awakes each day in the body of a different host. I loved this book and really enjoyed meeting the different characters alongside Aiden, and picking up clues along the way. It was a unique mystery novel which kept me guessing.

As always I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog this month and shared my posts, I really appreciate it! I will be back next month with more reviews and subscription box unboxings!

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