The Confession by Jo Spain


This month I finally got round to reading one of the books I received in my February crime and mystery box from My Chronicle Book Box! This is a box I really enjoy receiving, and it has introduced me to some crime authors whose books I may not have come across. The Confession was a book I had spotted on social media that I had heard great things about, so I was very excited about reading it!

The story begins with an opening sentence I won’t forget in a hurry, as we learn of a brutal attack on a man in his home, with his wife bearing witness to the act, frozen with fear. The victim is Harry McNamara, a disgraced banker who we discover has a bad reputation for numerous reasons, a man of many sins. Then there is his wife Julie, who watches as her husband is beaten to death, but she doesn’t try to stop the assailant. Then there is the man who carried out the attack, JP Carney, who later hands himself in to the police, confessing his crimes. I was immediately gripped by their story, and the many questions raised by this act of violence. What led JP to attack Harry McNamara, and why did he hand himself over? Why did Julie react in such a way when her husband was at his most vulnerable? This begins a gripping psychological thriller which tells the story of a troubled marriage, and the events which led to one horrific attack, as we delve deeper into the lives and minds of these three key characters, and discover who can be trusted…

The Confession was a book that had me hooked straight away and was one I finished really quickly as I was eager to get to the truth. The narrative alternates between the perspectives of Julie and JP as they recall the events of that fateful night, as well as the events leading up to Harry’s attack. I thought the change in narrator worked really well in this case in allowing the reader to get a glimpse into the mind of two very different people, both flawed characters who have their own demons. There was also lots of secrets and scandal to be uncovered along the way, particularly surrounding Harry’s greed and corruption, as his business dealings leave him disgraced. But whilst there are numerous reasons for Harry to have become the target of an attacker, this story is a lot more complex and it deals with various issues surrounding family relationships, love and betrayal. And there are plenty of twists and turns along the way to keep the reader guessing, and I changed my mind a few times over which way the plot would develop, and I was gripped until the final pages as I eagerly awaited confirmation as to who is the guilty party.

I really enjoyed The Confession, and found it to be an addictive psychological read packed with tension, and expertly written to keep the reader gripped as more layers and secrets are revealed.

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