April Round-Up – The Books I Read In April 2018


Due to being away supporting the Great Britain Ice Hockey team in the World Championships at the end of April, this month’s round-up is only partially complete as it was written before my trip when there was still reading to be done! Prior to my departure I managed to read and review five books, and I have taken three with me on holiday that I will be reviewing in the future!

The first two books I read were both new releases from Salt Publishing. The first was Falling Leaves by Stefan Mohamed which is an unusual read in which we meet a young woman troubled by nightmares and frightening visions. I was intrigued by her story which takes a complex turn when an old friend reappears having been missing for several years, having not aged a day. Then there was The Chameleon, a debut novel from Samuel Fisher which can be considered a love letter to books. It is narrated by John, who happens to be an ever changing book, who has lived for hundreds of years and been witness to so much. This was a really interesting concept and an enjoyable read.

I also reviewed two books as part of blog tours this month, the first being Her Mother’s Daughter by Alice Fitzgerald which was a moving story of a woman who suffered abuse during childhood who in turn has a difficult relationship with her own daughter. This was a harrowing read which explored themes of family, love and loss, and how we come to terms with our past and those memories that haunt us. I then went on to read What Lies Within, the second novel by travel writer Annabelle Thorpe. In this novel we are transported to Marrakech where we are introduced to a couple who are trying to reinvigorate their marriage. However, events transpire which make their lives more complex, as past secrets are revealed, and lifelong relationships put under threat. This was an enjoyable, compelling read.

I also read The Confession by Jo Spain this month. This was a gripping psychological thriller which delves into the mind of a woman who watched her husband beaten, and we also see things from the perspective of the man who attacked him. This was a gripping, well written thriller which had me hooked as we uncover the secrets and scandal surrounding the lives of this couple, the events that led to the attack, and those that put a strain on their marriage. I also shared another subscription box unboxing this month, with my March Fairy Loot box. The theme was ‘Memorable Moments’ which coincides with Fairy Loot’s two year anniversary. And whilst Fairy Loot were two in March, I turned 30 in April and shared my 30 books for 30 years!

The books I have taken with me on my trip are Greatest Hits by Laura Barnett, The Devil’s Claw by Lara Dearman, and Even The Dogs by Jon McGregor. I should hopefully have reviews of these very soon!

As always I would like to thank everyone who has visited my blog this month and shared my posts, I really appreciate it; I will be back next month with more book reviews and subscription box unboxings! Let me know if you have read any of these books and what you thought of them!

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