Fairy Loot Unboxing – April 2018

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Today it is time for another Fairy Loot unboxing! Fairy Loot is a monthly subscription box focusing on Young Adult fantasy titles. You can get a single box from £26 per month (plus VAT and shipping) or you can choose to subscribe for 3 or 6 months.

I am currently subscribed to Fairy Loot and have been receiving this box for over a year and it is a box I always look forward to each month. Each box has a theme and the theme for April was ‘Whimsical Journeys’ which I was excited about! Here is what was inside this month…

flapr181I was very excited about the first item I spotted this month. This was an item that Fairy Loot included for the first time, and it was designed by one of my favourite companies. This was a Narnia travel mug designed by Ink and Wonder Designs! I loved the design on this and the colours are beautiful. I don’t usually use travel mugs but will have to use this one. It is also plastic so quite durable with less risk of breakage. Narnia was also one of the magical places featured on this print by FictionTea Designs which features a sign post which includes numerous much loved fictional places. This is a sweet little print that will find a home on my bookshelf. Then there was a ‘Carpe Diem’ notepad from Little Inkling Designs which features a quote from The Darkest Minds by Alexandra Bracken. This isn’t a book I am familiar with but it is certainly a quote to live by!

flapr182One of the items I was looking forward to in this box was an item inspired by the wizarding world so I was pleased to see a luggage tag inspired by Fantastic Beasts And Where To Find Them. As with all the items in this box it was created exclusively for Fairy Loot and this was from the wonderfully named Lovely Owls Books. This is another item which fits in well with the journey theme and it features Newt Scamander’s suitcase of magical creatures. I will be adding this to my case when I next go on holiday. There was another item inspired by magical creatures in the form of this adorable Blackjack pin designed by Taratjah. This was from the Percy Jackson stories by Rick Riordan and I love pins so will be adding to my pin board. And then there was a candle which is a regular item in the box. This month’s was inspired by the featured book and it was created by Flick the Wick. This ‘Leif’s Ship’ candle is scented with spruce, fir and sandalwood and smells great. FairyLoot worked closely with the author to create a candle that would represent the character which is a great idea.

flapr183The final item was one that had been previously revealed, a tote bag designed by Stella’s Bookish Art. And this is such a beautiful design. It features a quote from The Hobbit surrounded by a woodland design which even features my favourite creature –an owl! I always use tote bags so will get a lot of use out of this. I am going to the Hay Festival at the end of this month so may take it on an exciting bookish journey with me.

flapr184And now it is time for this month’s book which was Beyond A Darkened Shore by Jessica Leake. This wasn’t a book I was familiar with but it looks to be an interesting read and I love the cover art! This art was also included on the signed bookplate, sticker and author letter. And there was also the regular ‘Fairy Scoop’ leaflet, artwork bookmark, and reading buddy card along with a couple of promotional items.

I was looking forward to this month’s theme and the items did not disappoint and I thought they all worked really well within the theme with practical items that you can take on a journey of your own. It was difficult to choose a favourite item this month but I would have to go for the tote bag and the travel mug. The theme for May is ‘Save The Kingdom’ which I am looking forward to as it features a book with sprayed edges and a book sleeve which I love.

To find out more about Fairy Loot and how to get your hands on a box you can check out their website here!

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