My Chronicle Book Box Unboxing – May 18 (x2!)


Today I am very excited to be sharing my unboxing of the latest My Chronicle Book Box! This is a quarterly box which is available in one of two genre options – science fiction and fantasy or crime and mystery. I subscribe to the crime and mystery option but I also ordered a bonus box this month which was separate from my subscription but featured science fiction and fantasy books. I will be sharing the contents of this box after we look at what was inside May’s crime and mystery box!

One thing I love about this box is the attention to detail that goes into this putting it together and making it personal to each subscriber. On first opening the box the first thing I saw was the envelope addressed to me which contains exclusive author content and information on the books and goodies included in this month’s box, all sealed with a My Chronicle Book Box seal! And each of the books were individually wrapped which adds to the overall presentation of the box, here are the books featured this month…

mcbbm1The first book was The Lost by Mari Hannah. This was a name that was familiar to me, but I haven’t read any of her books yet. Included in the box was an interview with Mari, a signed bookplate and a letter from the author which was really interesting and has made me excited to read this book which is the first in a new series featuring a detecting duo.

mcbbm2Next up was a copy of Class Murder by Leigh Russell who is another bestselling crime author who I am yet to discover! Class Murder is actually the tenth novel in the Geraldine Steel series but it can be enjoyed as a standalone. There was also a signed bookplate and an interview with Leigh Russell included.

mcbbm3The last book is perhaps the one I am most looking forward to reading. This was The Darkness by Ragnar Jonasson. I have read and enjoyed several novels from Ragnar’s Dark Iceland series so I am looking forward to reading another of his series. And there was also a signed bookplate from the author!

mcbbm5Each month alongside the three books there are bookish goodies included in the box. And the first one I picked out was very fitting given the inclusion of some Icelandic Noir – an Iceland themed bookmark! This paperclip style bookmark features an Icelandic map and was created by Laura from Made With Maps. Bookmarks are always a useful item to receive as you can never have too many. There was also a Harry Potter themed item included this month. There were different pin badges and charms sent out and I received a Hogwarts Acceptance letter charm. This was a lovely charm and well detailed and was made by The Carat Shop.

mcbbm4Next up was a ceramic pen pot from Bespoke Verse. When I first opened the box I thought it may have been a mug but was pleased to see this was a pen pot as this is not an item I have received in a box before. It featured the quote ‘Books Before Looks’ which I really like and it is something I definitely will be using – possibly for my bookmarks! And then we had a Sherlock Holmes inspired print created by Maria from Arts And Travel Prints. I love Sherlock and the design of this print so it will be a welcome addition to my bookshelves.

Once again I am really pleased with My Chronicle Book Box. From the beautiful presentation with the personal touches through to the well chosen bookish goodies and the varied selection of books themselves this is a great box and one I really enjoy receiving. So when I saw that there were some special edition boxes available to purchase this month, I couldn’t resist ordering one…

There were special book sleeve edition boxes available which include two books in your chosen genre, along with a book sleeve in your choice of fabric along with another bookish item. As I receive the crime and mystery option, I decided to order the science fiction and fantasy option for this box.

mcbbs1Unlike the regular subscription, the books in these boxes were known prior to ordering so this is a good option for anyone wanting a book box who may not want to receive a surprise book. The books in the fantasy box included Norse Mythology by Neil Gaiman which I have been meaning to pick up for a while, and All Our Wrong Todays by Elan Mastai. This was a book I hadn’t heard of but it certainly sounds interesting as it is a story of a time travelling romance.

mcbbs2I love book sleeves and use them every day so was really looking forward to receiving a new one! There was a choice of four fabrics and I opted for the ‘Into The Wild’ fabric which features a gorgeous woodland design. It was made by Joan at Just Sew Yorkshire and it is of a lovely quality and a good size to carry most paperbacks and even smaller hardbacks. The bookish item included was another print from Maria at Arts And Travel Prints, this was a lovely design inspired by The Hobbit.

This was an extra box but I liked that there were personal touches to this one as well with the inclusion of a personalised note which I loved! I was also impressed with the speedy delivery on this, I ordered this on a Wednesday afternoon and it had arrived by courier on Saturday complete with the personalised note and my choice of book sleeve!

If you would like to find out more about My Chronicle Book Box you can visit their website here!

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