Eve Of Man by Giovanna & Tom Fletcher


As soon as I heard about the premise of Eve Of Man, it was a book I was really excited about reading. The first book in a trilogy, it is also the first book that Giovanna and Tom Fletcher have written together, having both written multiple bestselling books. In this story we are presented with an image of a troubling future, one in which the fate of humanity rests in the hands of a girl called Eve.

The prologue sets up this story nicely, as we are first introduced to a world in which no females have been born for fifty years, threatening the future of the human race. That is until the momentous day in which Eve is born, much to the shock and excitement of the world. Eve is hailed as a saviour, and from her birth she is kept safe and out of harm’s way, in a place where she is cared for, and protected from the harsh world outside. However, her safety, and her part in saving the world comes at a great cost. And after years of being hidden away, kept apart from members of the opposite sex, her sixteenth birthday arrives, and it is time for her to face her destiny, and to meet the ‘Potentials’ – the males who have been selected for her to end the drought of female births. These meetings mark the start of a challenging journey for Eve, as she starts to piece together the truth, and work out what is really going on behind closed doors. And when she meets Bram, a boy who works for those who keep her locked away, she learns even more about herself, her life, and her dreams of freedom.

I was hooked by this book right from the start and I found it to be a really enjoyable read. The chapters alternate between the perspectives of Eve and Bram, which worked really well in telling the story from a male and female perspective, as events begin to spiral out of control. And Eve’s existence was a difficult one, and it was interesting to see the contrast between the way she was seen outside her dome, to how she was treated within. As those outside idolise her, and are eagerly awaiting news of her, she finds herself trapped in a place where she is unsure who can be trusted. A group of ‘Mothers’ ensure she is cared for, but as the story unfolds Eve begins to realise that there are some people close to her who may have something to hide. I was eager to see how this story would unfold and along the way there is plenty of action and revelations alongside the development of relationships, as we follow the journey of a girl who is coming to terms with her destiny, a young woman who has a difficult choice to make, a choice between whether to seek love and freedom, or to save humanity.

I thoroughly enjoyed Eve Of Man and found it to be a well written dystopian tale which kept me gripped throughout. I am now looking forward to reading the next book in the trilogy!

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