Fairy Loot Unboxing – June 2018

fairylootmay1 (2)

Today it is time for another Fairy Loot unboxing! Fairy Loot is a monthly subscription box focusing on Young Adult fantasy titles. You can get a single box from £26 per month (plus VAT and shipping) or you can choose to subscribe for 3 or 6 months.

I am currently subscribed to Fairy Loot and have been receiving this box for over a year and it is a box I always look forward to each month. Each box has a theme and the theme for June was ‘Rebels In Ballgowns’ which sounded interesting! Here is what was inside this month…

fljun1One of items which I knew was going to be included this month was a cushion cover. This one was designed by Miss Phi and it features a quote from Legendary by Stephanie Garber. I recently read and enjoyed Legendary and was a big fan of Caraval so was pleased to see an item inspired by this world. The quote used was a good one and I loved the design – particularly the roses and tarot cards around the edge.

fljun2Next up was an item inspired by another book that I am familiar with. There was a ‘Corvere’ candle from Geeky Clean which was inspired by Mia Corvere from Nervernight. This was a strawberry and pepper scented candle and I loved the swirl effect too! My favourite item in the box would have to be this Masquerade Mask necklace which was designed by the Fairy Loot team. This was a very pretty, sparkly necklace and it was presented nicely in a Fairy Loot branded box.

fljun3Another item I was excited to see was a reading journal! This is an item I have wanted for a while so was pleased to see this one. It was designed by Fictiontea Designs with quote art from Stella’s Bookish Art. There are pages to log what books you have read each month, along with favourite quotes and anticipated reads. The journal runs from July through to December 2018 so will be able to put this to use very soon. There was also a set of magnetic bookmarks included this month. These were designed by Taratjah Art and were inspired by the Shatter Me series. Unfortunately I haven’t read this series so I didn’t recognise these three characters, but they look to be of good quality and size. Next up was an item from one of my favourite companies, Ink and Wonder Designs! This was an iron on patch featuring a quote and a vibrant, colourful design. I always love Ink and Wonder items so this item is a winner with me!

fljun4And now it is time for this month’s book which was Grace and Fury by Tracy Banghart. This is a book I haven’t heard of before which is likely due to the fact it is not due to be published until the end of July which was exciting. The hardback edition included is also exclusive to this box which makes it extra special. Also included was a signed book plate, an author letter and postcard. And to complete this month’s box there was also the regular ‘Fairy Scoop’ leaflet, artwork bookmark, and reading buddy card along with a Sea Witch sampler poster..

This was another great box and I am looking forward to reading the book. My favourite items this month were the necklace and the reading journal. The theme for July is ‘The Power Within’ which includes an item inspired by Harry Potter which I am particularly excited about!

To find out more about Fairy Loot and how to get your hands on a box you can check out their website here!

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