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Today I am delighted to be taking part in the blog tour for The Beloveds by Maureen Lindley. This was a book I was excited about reading and when I read that is was a story of jealousy and domestic derangement as sinister as Rebecca, which is an all time favourite of mine, I couldn’t wait to get started!

The sinister tone of the book is set very early with the opening sentence of the prologue introducing the reader to a troubling mind. The story is narrated by Betty Stash, a woman who despises her younger sister, Gloria. We quickly learnt that Betty is extremely jealous of Gloria, a woman who she considers to be very different from her, ‘a Beloved’ who has been blessed with happiness, beauty, and good fortune. Gloria is close friends with Anna, who used to be friends with Betty, and is also happily married to Henry, a husband who should have been Betty’s. But events begin to take a daek and twisted turn when, in the wake of their mother’s death, Gloria inherits the family home, the Pipits. Betty considers this grand home to be her inheritance, and that her sister has denied her of what is rightfully hers. This begins Betty’s obsession with reclaiming the house, and returning the estate she loves to its former glory. But her determination leads her to act in a sinister way, and as her behaviour spirals even further out of control, the reader is left to wonder the lengths this envious sister would go…

From the start, this was a story that had me gripped. The plot itself was an intriguing one, and I was interested to see how events would unfold, and how far Betty would go to get the Pipits back. Given Betty’s attachment to the house, the Pipits seems to be a character in its own right, one which speaks to Betty, as she struggles to let go of it. Her obsession with the house and her hatred towards Gloria and Henry lead Betty to behave in increasingly sinister ways, and it was a tense read wondering what might happen next. We learn of the heinous plot she concocts to drive her sister and her family out of the house, so that she can take her rightful place there, which kept me hooked. Betty is an intriguing, malicious character and as her plans take shape we get a glimpse into a dark and disturbed mind, and she certainly isn’t a character I will be forgetting in a hurry! And as events take an even more sinister turn, I read on in interest to see if Betty would succeed in her scheming, or whether she would get caught out, and her journey made for a tense and chilling read.

I enjoyed reading The Beloveds, a book which had me gripped with its dark and disturbing plot and its unforgettable narrator. The Beloveds was published on 19th June 2018 by Titan Books, with thanks to Lydia Gittins for providing a copy for review.

This review was written as part of The Beloveds blog tour, you can check out the other stops on the tour on the dates and blogs below!

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