Wonder Crate Unboxing – August 2018


Today I am excited to be unboxing my third Wonder Crate from Ink and Wonder Designs! Ink and Wonder are one of my favourite bookish companies as I love their beautiful, colourful designs so was very excited when they first announced they crates and I loved my first two which I received in March and June. The Wonder Crates contain around 12 items, including woodmarks as well as other items which could include prints, pins and patches amongst others. The theme for this box was ‘Rise Up’ and here is what was inside!

wondera1The info postcard included in the box is an item in itself featuring lyrics from the song ‘Rise Up’ by Andra Day with fits in nicely with the theme. And there was another print in the form of an A4 print featuring part of a quote from Sarah J Maas alongside a bold floral theme which I love. There was another pin this month and it was a beautiful one. We received a Cleopatra enamel pin in gold and turquoise and it even glows in the dark! I am a fan Ink and Wonder pins as they are very sturdy and high quality as well as featuring gorgeous designs. I was also a fan of the wooden keychain included which features Lyanna Mormont from the Game of Thrones series. I am still to read these books but I loved the design on this with the bear and woodland which suits the wooden keychain well.

wondera2The sew-on patch this month was one inspired by the words of Leigh Bardugo and it is a quote I really like. I loved the sea theme of this patch with the gorgeous coral reef and octopus, I am hoping to sew this onto a tote bag. There was also a sticker this month featuring Veronica from Riverdale which is a show I have been meaning to watch for a while. And I was very excited to see a Harry Potter themed item in the form of a magnet featuring Molly Weasley! I love this character and the quote featured is a pretty memorable one!

wondera3One of my favourite items in the box this month was the vegan leather clutch bag inspired by the artwork of Frida Kahlo. I thought the design on this was beautiful and it is alsoof a good size and quality and was almost A4 size. I also liked the extra details on this like the internal pocket, strap and wooden charm. This is a really bold design with a great message and I will definitely make use of this.

wondera4And finally, we have the woodmarks! The woodmarks were the first thing I ever bought from Ink and Wonder and I have built up quite a collection over the last year or so, and I loved all four that were featured in this crate. The first was an aspen woodmark featuring a quote from Matilda, one of my favourite childhood books, and featuring a bee design in reference to Miss Honey. There was a second aspen woodmark which is inspired by another Weasley – Ginny! This featured a quote from Ginny along with her Patronus and I adored the design on this one! I also loved the cherry woodmark featuring a quote from Jane Austen. This is a favourite quote of mine and the bird and floral pattern in the background is beautiful. And lastly there was a maple woodmark featuring a real life hero in the form of Malala Yousafzai.

I loved this Wonder Crate and think it may be my favourite yet with the clutch and Ginny woodmark being my favourite items this time around. In terms of pricing, the crate cost 50 Australian Dollars, and I opted for tracked shipping which made the total cost 65 Australian Dollars (around £37). This usually takes around two weeks from dispatch which is pretty good although mine was stuck in customs for a little longer this time around but it was worth the wait and I am already looking forward to the next one!

You can visit Ink and Wonder’s website to see when the next crate may be available, and to check out their amazing range of bookish items!

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