Dark Matter by Blake Crouch


This year I have been trying to work through some of the books I have owned for a long time which I haven’t got round to reading yet, and one of those books is Dark Matter by Blake Crouch. Originally published in 2016, this is the latest novel from Crouch who is best known for his bestselling Wayward Pines trilogy.

I had heard so many good things about Dark Matter previously and heard it described as an addictive, mind-bending read and from the opening pages I was hooked immediately! In it we meet Jason Dessen, a college physics professor, and a happily married father. However, a startling turn of events results in Jason’s life being turned upside down, to a world in which everything he has ever known is under question. When a drink with a friend goes awry, Jason is taken away by a masked abductor, and awakes to find himself strapped to a gurney, surrounded by strangers. And as if this isn’t traumatic enough, he has no recollection of why he came to be there, and who it is who is welcoming him back to a place he never knew existed. In this new life he isn’t a college professor, and his son has never been born. Jason is left to wonder what happened to the life he left behind, and it leaves the reader to question what is real, and whether the life Jason yearns for is more than just a dream…

This was a book which captured my attention early on and had me desperate to find answers. And as the plot develops events become more and more horrifying and fascinating, as Jason’s journey to find his way back to the life and family he loved becomes all the more desperate. I thought that this was a well written and perfectly paced story which makes for a thrilling and thought provoking read. It’s a story that blends multiple genres, with science fiction and thriller elements interwoven into a story that is at its core a story of love and family, as one man fights for the life he had taken away. It is certainly a book that makes you think, both in terms of its exploration of scientific and technological themes as well as philosophical. Alongside its protagonist we are left to ponder the quandaries of life, as it explores how we live our lives, along with the possibility of changing our path, for better or worse.

Dark Matter was a gripping and enjoyable read with an intriguing premise. I was also interested to hear that Blake Crouch is working on a screenplay for Dark Matter, and I would love to see how this fascinating book adapts to the big screen!

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