July Round-Up – The Books I Read In July 2019


I managed to read and review five books in June, here is a reminder of everything I read, you can click on the titles below to read my reviews!

My first read this month was Recursion by Blake Crouch. This was a book I had been looking forward to reading having enjoyed his previous book, Dark Matter. Recursion was a book that captured my attention from the start with its intriguing premise surrounding the spread of ‘False Memory Syndrome’ and the impact it has with those afflicted having memories of a life that isn’t their own. This was a gripping and thought provoking read about identity and the memories that experiences that make us who we are.

Next up I read some non-fiction in the form of Animal by Sara Pascoe, in which the comedian provides an autobiography of the female body. This was an entertaining and informative read which explores life for women in the modern day and through history with some relatable stories of personal experiences along the way.

This month saw the publication of Expectation by Anna Hope which I had heard a lot of great things about and on reading it recently it wasn’t hard to see why it has had such a broad appeal. Telling the stories of three women and the bond they share over the course of a decade, this is an immensely readable novel which deals with a number of themes surrounding modern life and the expectations that we have for our own lives along with the perception of those around us.

Another new book published this month was The Bone Garden, the debut novel by Heather Kassner. This was an entertaining, dark fairytale which would appeal to younger readers with an eerie, Gothic setting along with mysterious characters and a journey to find the truth as a girl made from bone dust is on a mission to find her identity.

And finally this month I read the second in Ali Smith’s series of books for the seasons. Winter was another well written and thought provoking story which examines the complexities of human nature alongside a wry social commentary which includes attention to recent world events which make this a timely read.

Thank you to everyone who has visited my blog in July to read and share my reviews, it is much appreciated. I may be taking a bit of a step back from blogging over the next month, but will no doubt still be talking about what I have been reading over on my social media accounts (you can follow me on Twitter and Instagram) and I hope to be at least doing a monthly round up for August!

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