Sky In The Deep by Adrienne Young


This month marks the UK publication of Sky In The Deep, the bestselling novel by Adrienne Young. I was lucky enough to receive an early copy of this book which is a Viking inspired young adult fantasy story which introduces readers to a strong protagonist who has spent her life fighting…

Despite being only seventeen years old, Eelyn has been raised to be a warrior, and from the opening pages we see that this is something she is efficient as, as we get an introduction to the battle she faces. Fiercely loyal to her Aska clansmen, Eelyn is trained to kill, and her life is brutal, with her being forced to fight and do what is necessary to survive. It is also clear that she has suffered a great deal in her life, with the loss of her mother and brother years ago leaving wounds that cannot be healed. However, her story takes an intriguing turn when she comes face to face with her brother on the battlefield five years on from his death. This immediately raises some interesting questions about whether her brother is alive, and if it is him, why is he fighting for a rival clan? I was interested to see how the plot would develop, as Eelyn finds herself amongst the enemy, leading her to question her own loyalties, and the life that she has led, with the brutal cycle of violence she has grown up within.

From the opening pages I was intrigued by this story of a young woman well adapted to life in a harsh world in which she has known hardship and conflict from an early age. I was also surprised by the fast paced opening chapters, with Eelyn’s grisly journey into battle being vividly portrayed. The Viking inspired setting is well described, with plenty of details about their daily lives and traditions helping to build up a picture of this world in which the two clans are at war. Amongst this we get to know more of Eelyn’s character, as she finds herself in enemy territory, trying to process what she has done, and what she must do. The story explores family bonds as well as the strength of relationships between friends and enemies as Eelyn finds herself conflicted, torn between the clan she has fought for all her life and the relationship she builds with her brother’s friend. There are plenty of action packed moments along the way as the story builds up to its dramatic conclusion, a journey in which Eelyn must question her own loyalty as she fights for her family.

Sky In The Deep is an enjoyable read which I think would appeal to fans of YA fantasy with its vivid and violent setting as well as its exploration of a fascinating young protagonist. It was published on 26th March 2019 by Titan Books with thanks to the publisher for providing a copy for review.

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