Wonder Crate Unboxing – March 2018


This week I was excited to receive the first Wonder Crate from Ink and Wonder Designs. Ink and Wonder are one of my favourite bookish companies known mainly for their awesome wooden bookmarks as well as other beautiful items from tote bags to pins and prints. So when I heard they were going to produce a Wonder Crate, containing 12 different items with designs that are yet to be released, I knew I had to try and get my hands on one!

This is a one-off box at the moment, although there may be more in the future. The theme for this crate was ‘Light and Dark’ and here is what was inside!

wondercrate2The first item I saw was perhaps my favourite of the whole box, a tote bag! I was so excited to see this featured a quote from the Harry Potter series, and the design itself is beautiful. I always carry a tote bag with me so will definitely use this item a lot and it works really well within the theme. A great start to the unboxing!

wondercrate3The info postcard included in the box is an item in itself featuring lyrics from the song ‘I will follow you into the dark’ by Death Cab For Cutie which introduces the theme. And there are other prints in the form of an A4 print with quote from A Clash of Kings by George R. R Martin. This is not a series I have read but I like the design and the contrast between the creepy and pretty elements in the illustration. I was excited to see another Harry Potter inspired item with this A5 print with a quote from Sirius Black. Again I really like this design and the quote is a favourite of mine so very happy with this item.

wondercrate4Next up I was excited to see that the box included a patch and a pin! The pin is a Harry Potter inspired ‘Lumos’ pin which I am excited to be adding to my pin collection. It is also glow in the dark which is very cool! The sew on patch is inspired by The Lord Of The Rings and I love the colours on this design, I will definitely be making use of this patch somewhere.

wondercrate5Whilst I have never watched Star Wars I did recognise BB8 on this magnet! It features a quote from The Last Jedi and I really liked the design. There was also a sticker with a quote from The Assassin’s Blade by Sarah J Maas. I am familiar with this author’s work although this is not one that I have read but I love this quote and the design. The sticker is also a durable vinyl sticker so it is of a good quality.

wondercrate6And finally, we have the woodmarks! I have been collecting woodmarks for almost a year now and I have about twenty! So I was pleased to see there were four more to add to my collection. The first featured a beautiful birds and flowers design on eastern red cedar, featuring a quote from the poetry of Emily Dickinson. Then there was a Dracula inspired maple woodmark – I loved the purple colouring and the bats on this one. Then there was an aspen woodmark with a quote from Stephen King’s It. And finally there was a second maple woodmark with a quote from Cassandra Clare’s Mortal Instruments series. I liked that the woodmarks were all very different, both in the designs and the works that inspired them.

I really enjoyed receiving the first Wonder Crate and think it features a good selection of items which showcases the many products that Ink and Wonder offer. The crate cost 50 Australian Dollars, and I opted for tracked shipping which made the total cost 65 Australian Dollars (around £37) which took just over two weeks from dispatch to arrive which is not bad considering the journey and its visit to customs! I was liable for customs due to the sterling value of the crate which pushed the overall total to about £50. Despite this as the crate itself was priced pretty low I felt that the value for money was still there even though being UK based it cost me a little more. Considering there are 12 items in the box it would be about £4 per item which is pretty good, especially as those items include a tote bag, four woodmarks, patch, pin, magnet, sticker, two prints and a postcard!

I liked all the items in this box, with the tote bag and pin being my favourites as a Harry Potter fan! But I appreciated the designs of all the items, even those from books I may not be familiar with. I loved how everything fits in nicely with the theme and the overall variety and presentation of the crate was excellent.  I would definitely consider ordering Wonder Crate again!

You can sign up on Ink and Wonder’s website to see when the next crate may be available, and to check out their amazing range of bookish items!

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